Tips to choose perfect smartphone for you

Smartphones have manifested as a device that can do different things at once. It is also your go-to internet device, your initial camera and of course your phone. If you are a mobile gamer, processor and an excellent screen and speakers are your needs. Some people are photo & selfie freak so they need a better camera phone. But, before you buy a smartphone you must research the market. If you don’t want to go out physically then you can visit an online shop on the internet. You can find many products but you should judge the quality and compare the  price in online shop Bangladesh. Price comparison should provide you the cheapest price in Bangladesh. Besides price, some other mobile features and specifications are the factors before buying a smartphone. So there are some other important factors to choose a smartphone.

Smart Processor:

mobile processor

Anyone decides to buy a smartphone known to the capacity of the processor. MediaTek and Qualcomm manufacture of mobile processors. A good processor temperature all the time-limited after prolonged use of the phone and will consume very little battery. While MediaTek focuses on the budget segment and mass-market smartphones, Qualcomm processor for every price segment for which the processors are available. Processors are classified clock rate (1Ghz, 2 GHz, etc.), Core count (Octa-Core, Quad-Core, etc.) and fabrication technology (22 nm, 14 nm 7 nm, etc.)

Display Panel:

A movie addicted person may want a better sharp screen, an audio boozer may want a dedicated headphone jack with good output and drivers. Some may search a notification LED is a must on a phone. Complete your choice at one time you have got the first four things right.

Camera Features:

Special occasions, memories you would want to cherish forever camera is the best weapons and smartphone is the best weapons for snap photos. Nowadays smartphone cameras have around 12 Megapixel and manufacturers have generally refrained from going further higher than that. Dual Cameras are known to add features like photograph mode. The photography mode effects can easily be reproduced by a software application quite well. One more feature AI beauty mood these try to make your skin look blemish-free and smooth, they are much-advertised features by some camera focus brands. HDR and HDR+ for the camera are useful.

Updated Security:

As mobile apps become more integrated into people’s lives there is a greater necessity for mobile app security. Although users rely heavily on app regard and security, 85% of mobile apps cross security value. This is alarming to me. Apps have access to data such as user nature. Payment methods, and passwords. While most people I talk to are trusting of the security in the apps they use, this trust needs to be justified. The open web application security program is a world-wide internet community devoted to progressing software security. As a respected authority on software, the OWASP released a report that outlined the top 10 mobile app security vulnerabilities that were exploited by cybercriminals. So what are the top 10 mobile app safety vulnerabilities that I believe you should look out for the most? Most of us browse the app store to install some sensational apps, which can be games, messaging or any utility apps. But wait! Do you know the apps installed are not always genuine? In the app store, you may become a victim of fake apps if you are not smart enough to judge the application downloading is genuine.

Battery and Charger quality:

Battery and charger must simultaneously like horse and carriage. One does not live without the other. Chargers are usually identified by their charging speed. Consumer products come with a low-cost individual charger that executes well when used as conducted. The industrial charger is often made by a third party and includes particular features, such as charging at ill temperature. A better battery can be achieved by strong battery capacity or efficient power management. A low powerful processor can also mean better battery, but such compromises are not conveyable.

Latest Operating System:

The operating system is very important in using smartphones. Most people don’t go to their local store and ask for an individual operating system. They ask for an iPhone, Android, Windows phone and other options. But secretly, it’s the operating system that most people offer. IOS is known for its ease of use, security, and clean integration of Apple products. Many public utility applications by governments especially are Android only. Android’s ability to be customized, and typically a lower cost. Consider it is the backbone of your favorite applications and programs. Apple’s own operating system, iOS runs iPod, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch devices. It is only available on Apple products. Android’s OS is considered open-source owned by Google and Apple’s closed system owned by Apple’s. Microsoft is famous for computer operating systems but is a similar newcomer to the mobile OS. Its latest version advantages the tiled layout usual to its most recent computer OS. These tiles can be rearranged and moved to the user’s favor.

Price range:

When buying a smartphone remember the budget. IOS phone is more expensive than android phones. Apple and Samsung are typically among the most expensive while OPPO, HTC, and Xioami tend to produce lower-cost options. Thankfully, there are some outstanding alternatives these alternatives have significantly improved over the past few years. Various manufacturers, including many from China and Korea.

You may always an exciting feature but confirm that it also fares well on the previous parameters will make a lot of difference in you in the total experience. These are so fundamentalto a good smartphone experience that not paying enough attention to them will leave you desperate. “So market visit experience for you, maybe the better judge.”