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Sports Betting in Bangladesh | Best betting sites and apps BD - Techtunes

Sports Betting in Bangladesh | Best betting sites and apps BD

Sports betting in Bangladesh

Betting on sports existed long before the creation of the Internet. People bet on sports in special institutions and received special receipts proving their bet.

Special institutions for offline betting exist to this day, but they are not popular among bettors nowadays.

In our time began to gain popularity special bookmaker’s offices working online.
Betting on sports have become a popular pastime and volume in Bangladesh.

What attracts bettors in Bangladesh

Like all bettors, Bangladesh betting users prefer to use sites that have special features that are an integral part of online betting.

Such aspects include:

The legality of online casinos, in the territory of their country of residence.

All sites of the betting Bangladesh companies for legal activities receive specialized licenses, thanks to which there is an opportunity to work in different countries.

Bookmakers do not want to have problems with the law due to the absence of a license from the bookmaker, as it may cause problems with access to the site, withdrawal, or deposit.


Different bookmakers have different starting odds and the difference in odds on some can be colossally different.

Also, the maximum odds limit at most bookmakers is different, and the odds themselves may vary depending on users’ bets.

Some bookmaker’s betting odds may change mainly due to users’ bets, while other bookmaker’s bets will change the odds according to situations occurring in the match.


Each user will be trying to get a lot of benefits, and the variety of bonuses at different bookmakers will allow the user to choose the bonus that will be most beneficial.

Also very important is the ability to bet on the most popular games in individual countries and Bangladesh also has its own popular games.

Due to the popularity of online bookmakers began to appear a huge range of betting sites and we will look at the best in Bangladesh.

Betting sites Bangladesh

Betting sites Bangladesh

The study of numerous reviews and the functionality of various sites, many experts in the industry of betting BD come to the conclusion that the best in Bangladesh are:


Betway is a bookmaker company working since 2006.
It is very popular among BD users due to its fast payouts and a huge variety of bonuses, and easy and convenient navigation.

You will be able to find 25 types of sports on which you can bet, as well as a section with current news and reviews on sports events.

Bookmaker’s office has a license to work in accordance with the laws.
Available at betway mobile application.


This bookmaker is the oldest of the best betting operators and has been in operation since 1994. It offers VIP bets, safety bets and a very wide range of betting services.

The VIP bets will allow you to bet an amount that will be higher than the limit set by the bookmaker’s office.

An insurance bet will give you the chance to reduce your losses if you lose your bet.

The range of bets is so big that users have an opportunity to bet on events such as presidential elections in different countries or even on the weather which will occur tomorrow.
Bookmaker is licensed by Curacao, which allows it to operate in different countries without violating the law.
There is also a mobile application for operating systems such as Android and iOS.


Among all the bookmakers mentioned in this article, this one is the youngest and has been operating since 2009.

Among the advantages are multiple ways to deposit, excellent technical support and the best adaptation for users in different countries.

Curacao license allows users not to be afraid of problems with the law.
As well any popular bookmaker has developed a mobile application.
In Bangladesh, there are peculiarities of betting as in other countries, for example in the BDpopular sports are considered different from most countries.

What games are popular among bettors in Bangladesh

What games are popular among bettors in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country with a deep history and its own cultural peculiarities, one of which is the games that are popular in this country.

The inhabitants of BD are especially interesting:


A fascinating sport that perfectly combines wrestling and tag team.

According to the rules of the game two teams, each with 12 players, occupy two opposite sides of the playing field of 12.5 m x 10 m, divided in the middle by a line.

The game starts with one team sending an “invader” to the dividing line, who at a suitable moment runs over to the territory of the other team.

While he is there, he shouts incessantly: “Kabaddi! Kabaddi!” But he can only stay in enemy territory as long as he can shout without losing his breath.

His task – while he is shouting – is to touch an opponent’s play with his hand or foot and run away to his own territory. If he needs to catch his breath, he must run, because the team he is on has the right to grab him.

He will be able to free himself if he manages to get his arm or leg across the dividing line. The opposing team must make him do one of two things: either touch the ground or take a breath.

After the offensive player successfully returns, the player of the other team he touched is eliminated from the game.

If the attacker is tackled, one member of the defending team becomes the attacker. Play continues until one of the teams has lost all of its members.


A very popular sport, in which many tournaments are held, traces its history back to 1905
The game is quite complicated, but its essence is this:

Wrestling is carried out on the grass field of oval shape, in the middle of which there is a rectangular area – the ground pitch. It is marked by special wickets – devices made of wood in the form of an inverted “Sh”.

There are two teams in cricket, and participants in a team of 11. One team takes the position of attackers, its goal is to break the opponent’s wicket with the ball while earning as many points as possible.

The other team is the defenders, their function is to guard the wicket and not allow the forwards to score points.

Two umpires monitor the course of the match. They enforce the rules and adjudicate. If the competition is international in nature, a third umpire may be present at the match – he is off the field and assists his colleagues.

Two markers are in charge of the game-they follow the referees’ signals and record their decisions.


This game is popular around the world and it has a lot of rules, but its essence is this:
The match involves two teams, each team has no more than 11 players. One of the players is the goalkeeper.

The match should not start if one of the teams has fewer than seven players

. At both ends of the playing field, there are rectangular goals, and this game is played with only feet and head, the goal of which is to score the ball in the opponent’s goal.

At the end of the first half, the opponents switch sides and the winner is determined by the number of goals scored in the opponent’s goal.

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